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ZipScan searches archive files. It can search Zip, CAB, RAR, ACE, InstallShield CAB, JAR, TAR, GZIP
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26 April 2004

Editor's review

There are two main types of users on the net when it comes to looking for information: ones who prefer browsing through directories and relevant links and others who go directly to the search box and enter keywords. The same applies to file search on your own local hard drive. Some would rather spend hours or days exploring their files and folders (especially archive files as they can't be accessed through the built-in Windows search), while others will use the search box of ZipScan.
ZipScan is a small utility designed specifically to search for files in archives. It recognizes a few most popular types of archives, such as ZIP, CAB, RAR and JAR. It also can search through self-extracting ZIP and RAR files. The interface is intuitive and hasn't gone far from other search utilities you've probably used before.
In the evaluation version it is possible to look for files with names or extensions matching a pattern only. The full version is much more powerful: it can filter search results by file size and search for files containing specific test. Try this tool today and search vast archives quickly and easily.

Publisher's description

ZipScan searches archive files. It can search and extract Zip, CAB, RAR, ACE, InstallShield CAB, JAR, TAR, GZIP and OpenOffice files, including password-protected, nested and self-extracting archives. The program can search for a text string, search by date, search by size and search version resource tables.
Files found can be opened, viewed and extracted. The list of files found can be saved as a text, comma-separated (CSV) or HTML file. ZipScan supports drag-drop and copy-paste extraction of files.
ZipScan can extract Microsoft CAB files and InstallShield CAB files. ZipScan supports CLASSPATH searching to find Java .class files. You can also use ZipScan to find files in the Windows CD CAB files.
Version 2.0
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User comments

I tried to extract an installshield file with the evaluation version. It would not extract the .CAB file. It could not even look inside. I know for a fact it is an INSTALL SHIELD .CAB file because of the header "ISc".

Probably is good at what it does but I only need it to do one thing and it doesn`t do it.
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